A Personal and Professional Development Podcast designed for people with a passion for learning more and growing themselves and/or their businesses.

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Ryan Chipperfield is the Managing Director of the Blue Chip brand- Blue Chip Podcast and Blue Chip Talent, a talent and influencer management company.

He is an experienced professional and businessperson, a Blue Chip, influencer and leader in the industries he spans across.

He loves Australia, and is making big waves to help others become Blue Chips in their own industries. Chip, as he is called by many, is always looking to share as much as he can to the people around him and this podcast is his way of sharing industry secrets and a lot of his learned lessons throughout his career and business ventures. He shares the (podcast) stage with the best names in Australia from various industries as he recognizes the strength and expertise of others, combined with his, will be more beneficial for you!

As we always say here in the Blue Chip Podcast, this show is by the people and for the people, and you, our dear audience, are our people!

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Season 3

On the 3rd season of the Blue Chip Podcast, we listened to what success sounds like from entrepreneurial and innovative souls from a wide variety of industries – all of whom are influencers and inspirations in their own way!

With the basics already laid out in the first two Seasons, the goal of this season is to expand our audience’s grasp of success and that it’s not a one-size-fits-all mold. Our longest season yet with 21 episodes composed of 14 interviews and 7 mini-episodes, we delve into the world of start-ups, personal branding and having the instinct (and gusto) to ship ideas into passion projects or businesses!

Like in previous seasons, we also stay true to our name by including Blue Chip share market, investments and business trends to educate our audience about their finances. ‘Cause the thrill seeing our investments grow (and that stock line stay up) is nothing like the fulfillment seeing you, our audience, be successful in your own right!

Season 2

The 2nd season of the Blue Chip Podcast is all about helping our listeners grow their skill sets and finances. It is focused on the secret tricks to help them develop to Blue Chips and grow their career competence as well as their financial competence.

In Season 1, Blue Chip helps them become the best employees and choose their fields well. In this 2nd Season, it is time to grow them on their chosen fields and learn more about investing and leading their own team or businesses. This season also focuses on motivating our listeners to become people-for-others, have a bigger purpose and why in whatever they are doing and use their power to create positive change in the companies and communities they are part of.

The Blue Chip also stays true to its name by providing our audience ways to learn and earn through chipping in their money, with its stock picks and recommendations on how to invest in the stock market. We are proud that our episodes and picks have helped our listener base grow their skill sets, knowledge and money!

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Season 1

The first season of the Blue Chip Podcast is a series of interviews with the Blue Chips, or the best of the best, from different industries. Here, we explore

1) what it means and 2) what it takes to be a Blue Chip.

You’ll observe throughout the season that the same format is followed by these Blue Chips- a journey and combination of struggles, persistence, hustle, luck, choosing the right people to surround them and deliberate intention to keep growing.

From entrepreneurs to coaches, from event managers to retail experts, from startup founders of tech companies to innovators in niche markets and from school administrators to CEO’s, this season is a diverse pool of successful people giving their expert opinion and tips to success so you could become Blue Chips like them, too!

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